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With in-depth knowledge of Australian Migration Laws & procedures, and access to the latest library of laws & procedures in real time

Initial Assessment & Advice

We offer a comprehensive initial evaluation of your credentials & subsequent eligibility with free initial, ad-hoc & post-visa advice

Bound by MARA Code of Conduct

Our partner company in Australia is owned & employs a number of MARA Registered Agents

Comprehensive Client Agreement

Comprehensive & Legal Agent/ Client Agreement, protecting the interests of our clients

Customer Centric Approach

A professional team providing a single point of access, with detailed & easy to understand guides & checklists for each stage of the visa application process


Fixed Fee per application, with no hidden costs & a flexible payment plan

About MigrateSmart

MigrateSmart is an Australian Immigration & Education Consultancy Service that delivers a complete range of affordable immigration solutions. Backed by years of experience in Australian Migration Law & up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing legislative changes, the MigrateSmart team scrutinizes intricate details at each step of the immigration process. Having access to a large knowledge base helps us in turning your immigration experience into a smooth & successful one.

The promoters of MigrateSmart have been providing immigration assistance to individuals, families & corporates for over 14 years now. In these years, we have become known as an Immigration Consultancy which can be trusted & provides immigration assistance in an ethical & meticulous manner, and in conformity with Australian Migration Laws & the MARA "Code of Conduct". Our trust & success is proven by the fact that a large number of our new clients are from "referrals" from our existing & past clients, who have been successfully associated with us.

The very high visa approval rate that we enjoy is partly a result of our strict company policy of not proceeding with applications that will result in failure. With migration laws being as complex as they are, we know that there will be times when the only answer that we can give to some clients is that we can do nothing to assist them. This is the difficult aspect of our work & one that places pressure on migration agents to "try & find a way" to assist all clients. We, at MigrateSmart, do not feel that it is our duty to take on every case, and we are comfortable in the realization that there will be situations when we will need to say that nothing can be done.

MigrateSmart charges a flat fee per application, providing ad-hoc advice at no extra charge.

The decision to migrate is ONE OF THE BIGGEST DECISIONS OF YOUR LIFE. We, at MigrateSmart, feel that it should be entrusted only in the hands of those who have the requisite knowledge & display professionalism and ethical conduct.

"Unless high standards of conduct are maintained by those who pursue a profession requiring great skill begotten of special knowledge, the   trust and confidence of the very community that is to be served is lost and thus the function of the profession is frustrated"
- Sir Owen Dixon
  (Sixth Chief Justice of Australia, who was widely regarded as Australia's greatest ever jurist)

Service with Integrity

Trust & Loyalty:
Building Trust and Loyalty amongst all our stakeholders

Ensuring Quality & Transparency in service

Ensuring all clients are given due Priority

Our total & unfailing commitment to all our stakeholders

Building a Rapport with our clients in order to have a relationship that extends beyond our work commitments

Always having the requisite knowledge to carry out our duties

Doing each case file as quickly & carefully as we can, or in accordance with the time-frame that they require

Understanding the importance of the case file & be conservative rather than rash


Statement of Ethics:

We will always act with competence and diligence or not act at all

We will always act honestly and in a way that instills a sense of trust in our clients and all those we deal with. We will always treat our clients fairly

We will keep confidential all information provided to us by our clients and will act with discretion in relation to their affairs

We will give our clients the benefit of all we know that could assist them achieve their objectives

We will take responsibility for all our actions and be accountable to our clients for everything we do

We will always respect all relevant immigration laws and also all relevant laws governing us in the countries that we operate

We will be courteous & respectful in dealings with all stakeholders

We will exhibit high personal, moral & ethical standards and will take care to ensure our decision-making is ethical.

To act in the legitimate interests of our clients

To deal with clients competently, diligently and fairly

To maintain confidentiality

To have due regard to a client’s dependence on our knowledge & experience

Not to make statements, or encourage the making of statements that we know, or believe, are misleading or deceptive

To prohibit using intimidation or coercion

Clients have different needs when it comes to advice on their prospects or on the matter generally. Some clients may have researched their cases thoroughly and will often seem to know as much or more than us about a particular issue. Others have no idea of the system or how it operates. Regardless of how sophisticated a client is, or thinks they are, we strive to treat ALL CLIENTS fairly by giving them an honest opinion about their prospects or their proposed course of action

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Our Process

If you wish to find out about your eligibility for an Australian visa, it is strongly recommended that you get your personal, professional & financial circumstances assessed by us. You will then know if it is worth proceeding with your immigration matter.There are more than 85 Australian Visas, and it is very likely that there is one to suit you.

Process :

(a) Send your Curriculum Vitae (CV)/ Resume + Copy of Passport (Biographical pages) to us via email/post. It is possible that we may require some other relevant document(s) in order to complete an in-depth analysis of your initial assessment. We hope to have your cooperation when we intimate you of such requirement.

(b) Upon receiving all relevant documents, we will consider your personal circumstances, legal issues, laws relevant to the issues & apply the law to the information provided.

(c) Upon the completion of an in-depth analysis of your profile, we will then provide you with :

     (i) Your visa options

     (ii) The criteria of each visa subclass that you are eligible

     (iii) Your best visa option

     (iv) Your prospect of success

     (v) The information about services that you will be receiving from us

     (vi) Visa Application Fees & other charges

     (vii) Our Professional Fees

If you decide to appoint us, we will assist you throughout your immigration process, liaising on your behalf with DIBP & all other relevant agencies. We will:

(a) Sign a comprehensive written agreement with you outlining both parties rights & obligations

(b) Provide you with simple & comprehensive "step-by-step" guides & checklists

(c) Guide you with the gathering of all relevant information & documents

(d) Research to ensure you meet all latest legal & regulatory criteria as well as departmental policies

(e) Keep you informed of any changes in legislation that may affect your application

(f) Finalise & complete all relevant forms

(g) Prepare submissions to the department in order to maximize your chances of success

(h) Help you with all various steps on the way (eg. : penal clearances, medical examinations, etc.)

(i) Liase on your behalf with all relevant agencies

(j) Provide you with post-grant assistance

     (i) Help you understand the conditions of your visa if any & explain next steps if any

     (ii) Guide you on beginning a life in Australia

     (iii) Guide you with things to do first after arrival in Australia

     (iv) Guide you with what you can and cannot take to Australia

We guarantee that we will do all we can to put together the best application in order to maximize your chances of success.


Work & Business Visas

Temporary Sponsored Work Visas
Employer Nominated Visas
General Skilled Migration Visas
Business Innovation & Investment Visas
Other visas with work permission

Family Visas

Partner & Prospective Marriage Visas
Visas for Children
Visas for Parents
Other family Visas

Student & Visitor Visas

Student Visa
Student Guardian Visa
Visitor Visas
Medical Treatment (Visitor) Visa
Tourist Visa

Special Visas & Citizenship

Bridging Visas
Former Resident & Resident Return Visas
Resolution of Status Visas
Humanitarian Visas

Act-based Visas

Absorbed Person Visa
Ex-Citizen Visa
Criminal Justice Visa
Enforcement Visa
Maritime Crew (Temporary) Visa
Special Purpose Visa

Other Visas

Transit (Temporary) Visa
Border (Temporary) Visa
Emergency (Temporary) Visa
Confirmatory (Residence) Visa
Diplomatic (Temporary) Visa
Norfolk Island Permanent Resident
Witness Protection (Trafficking) Visa
Special Circumstances Visa

Get to know Australia

Australia is a constitutional monarchy - "constitutional" because the powers & procedures of the Australian Government are defined by a written constitution, and "monarchy" because Australia’s head of state is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. BBC has declared Australia as the "Lifestyle Super Power" of the world.

With a spectacular natural environment, high quality of life and great diversity, Australia is a sought after destination for immigrants, students and international tourists. Australia is a stable, democratic and culturally diverse nation with a highly skilled workforce. It is the 4th largest economy in the Asian Region & the 12th largest in the world. It is the 6th largest country in land area and the ONLY COUNTRY to govern an entire continent.

Australia has a rich ancient culture. It is home to one of the world’s oldest living cultures & today is one of the most multicultural & multi-racial countries in the world. Its population comprises of people from a variety of cultural, ethnic, linguistic & religious backgrounds. It welcomes people from all over the world & does not discriminate on racial, cultural or religious grounds. Australia embraces the spectrum of religious beliefs. Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs & other places of worship are found in almost every major city.

Known as one of the great agricultural, mining and energy producers, Australia has one of the world’s most open & varied economies, with a highly educated workforce and an extensive services sector. It has the highest median adult wealth in the world. In 2013, Australia’s median wealth was $220,000 followed by Luxemberg ($183,000) and Belgium ($148,000). In 2014, Australia entered its 23rd year of uninterrupted annual economic growth. It is the global leader in 5 significant & diverse sectors namely Agribusiness, Education, Tourism, Mining & Wealth Management. It is rated "AAA" (Triple A) by all 3 global rating agencies & enjoys levels of net public debt that are among the lowest in the OECD. With low unemployment, low inflation and a highly skilled workforce, and with strong links with the fastest growing region in the world (the Indo-Pacific), Australia’s economy is poised to prosper well into the future.

Australia has 19 sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has 10% of the world’s biodiversity. A great number of its native plants & animals exist nowhere else on earth.

View Australia Map

Full Title: Commonwealth of Australia
Population: About 24 million
Population born overseas: 28%
Capital City: Canberra
Largest City: Sydney
Area: 7.69 million sq. kms.
Language: English & 300+ more
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)
Life Expectancy: 84(women); 80(men)
GDP: AUD 67,100 (2013) - World’s 5th highest
Eastern GMT: +10 hrs
Central GMT: +9.5 hrs
Western GMT: +8 hrs
Households with Internet Access: 83%
International Students: 4,40,949 (2016)
Inflation Rate: 1% (June, 2016)
National Day: 26th January

Mainland Australia is divided into 6 states and 2 Territories:

State - Capital
New South Wales (NSW) - Sydney
Queensland (QLD) - Brisbane
South Australia (SA) - Adelaide
Tasmania (TAS) - Hobart
Victoria (VIC) - Melbourne
Western Australia (WA) - Perth

Territory - Capital
Australian Capital Territory - Canberra
Northern Territory - Darwin

Australia’s healthcare system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. It is world class in effectiveness & efficiency.

Australia constantly ranks in the WHO’s best performing group of countries for healthy life expectancy & health expenditure per person.

Healthcare in Australia is provided by both private & government institutions. MEDICARE is the publicly funded universal healthcare system in Australia. It coexists with a private healthcare system. It ensures that all Australians have access to a broad range of quality health services at little or no cost .Under MEDICARE, free treatment is given to public patients in public hospitals. A person can have MEDICARE cover only, or a combination of Medicare & private health insurance cover.

The level of health assessment required by a prospective visa applicant will depend on the following factors :

• The Applicant’s age

• The Applicant’s proposed length of stay in Australia

• The Applicant’s country of passport in order to assess the level of risk associated with certain diseases.

• The Applicant’s intended activities in Australia

• The Applicant’s medical history

Australia is a continent that experiences a variety of climates due to its size. The temperature can range from below zero in the Snowy Mountains in southern Australia to extreme heat in the Kimberley region in the north-west of the continent. Due to the size of the continent, there is no one single seasonal calendar for the entire continent. Instead there are six climatic zones and two main seasonal patterns. There is a Summer / Autumn / Winter / Spring pattern in the Temperate zone, and a Wet / Dry pattern in the tropical north.

The temperate zone:

The Temperate zone occupies the coastal hinterland of New South Wales, much of Victoria, Tasmania, the south-eastern corner of South Australia and the south-west of Western Australia. The seasons in the temperate zone are:

Summer: December to February
Autumn: March to May
Winter: June to August
Spring: September to November

In the southern capital cities: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth, defined by the temperate zone, the average temperatures are: Summer - minimum 16 and maximum 26 and Winter minimum 6 and maximum 14, all in degrees Celsius.

The tropical zones:

The tropical regions of Australia, in the north of the country, including the equatorial and sub-tropical zones have high temperatures and high humidity and distinct wet and dry seasons.

The wet season, called the monsoon season, lasts about six months, between November and March. It is hotter than the dry season, with temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius.

The dry season lasts about six months, usually between April and October, when temperatures are lower and the skies are generally clearer. The average temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. In the sub-tropic and tropical cities, the average minimum temperatures are: Brisbane 16 and Darwin 23 & average maximums: Brisbane 25 and Darwin 32. In the inland city of Alice Springs, surrounded by desert and grassland, the average minimum is 20 and the average maximum is 32.

Unlike many other countries, the AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION SYSTEM is governed by legislation rather than government policy. Critically, a person is not entitled to be granted a visa unless they meet requirements that are specified in the legislation.

Unless you are an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, you will need a visa to enter Australia. New Zealand passport holders can apply for a visa upon arrival in Australia. All other passport holders must apply for a visa before leaving their country.

The important thing to know about applying for and after being granted a visa include applying for the right type of visa, application requirements, your obligations while in Australia and the importance of complying with visa conditions.

The Australian Migration System is designed to work for the benefit of Australia. It is complex & subject to frequent change. The circumstances in which an overseas person is permitted to visit, remain for a period, or live permanently in Australia is ultimately guided by the government’s delicate balancing of economic, humanitarian & environmental considerations. As the relative significance of these considerations change, so too do the rules that govern Australia’s visa program.

The Migration Program is subject to extensive planning & its purpose is to regulate the entry & stay of non-citizens in Australia in a way that will be to the benefit of the Australian society as a whole.

This could mean that there will be times when some people would not be eligible for entry & stay as non-citizens in Australia and for whom the only answer is that there is nothing that can be done to assist them.

Each year Australia grants permanent residence (PR) to approx. 150,000 overseas residents. In addition, millions of short-term visitors & long-term temporary residents travel to Australia each year. All of these people require a visa in order to enter & remain lawfully in Australia.

The Australian government uses a number of mechanisms to control the number of visas that are issued each year such as caps (quotas) on particular visa subclasses and other mechanisms.


Seastrand, Singapore

What a journey it has been filled with perfection and perseverance shown by Dindyuti to see us through. We started knowing her as a consultant but today my family and she share a warm rapport. We owe our success to her commitment towards her responsibility and the fact that she very methodically & constantly pushed us to climb the mountain of paper work one step at a time. This association with her has even made me more structured and efficient as a person. She ensures that every application is submitted 100% compliant with all rules and regulations, and ensures a positive outcome. I can vouch for her diligent attitude and claim if she is the one backing you there is none who can stop your application from getting approved, provided you see nothing but the path shown by her. Maam, I truly treat you as my mentor and owe you a big one. Thanks for getting this through for me and my family, Kudos to you.

Savanth Krish

Doha, Qatar

I am very thankful to MigrateSmart for the extensive support provided to me during the process. MigrateSmart, as Consultant and Adviser, have been very proactive and have a dedicated team of professionals to manage client requirements and service delivery. What I liked the most about their service is the promptness and timely advise that was very helpful and effective in my case. I am so grateful to the whole team for the guidance and their support and the entire services they offered me during the process. MigrateSmart gets my highest recommendation.

Pawan Chaudhary

Gurgaon, Haryana

We had a great experience with Dindyuti and the team at MigrateSmart for end-to- end Immigration Process. When it came to Immigration, we were very apprehensive about the fixed structure and package of big Immigration companies. Immigration is a rather individual thing. We were looking for individuals who are well-versed and experienced in Australian Immigration. Then we met Dindyuti and in our very first meeting we were fully convinced. Team MigrateSmart are extremely well versed with the minutest details of Australian Immigration and very detail-oriented. We got our PR in less than 1 year. Many thanks to Dindyuti and Team MigrateSmart.

Karan Kapoor

Gurgaon, Haryana

Firstly, I would say that MIGRATESMART is outstanding in their professionalism and business ethic, by the way in which they handled my application from start to finish. From the time that I picked up the phone to inquire until the time that I received my Australian permanent residency visa, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the personal service, efficiency, determination and commitment that MIGRATESMART provided to me.

MIGRATESMART were, as I mentioned, available at my beck and call. They made me feel so confident and reassured about everything, and they kept me posted on a weekly basis, even if they had no updates. The MIGRATESMART TEAM were exceptional in the way in which they managed my application and I just cannot thank them or praise them enough for making mine and my family's dreams of Australia a reality.

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